A Psychological Thriller / Sci-Fi


TAGLINE : God demands death. Dr. Morrell refuses it.                                 COMPARE : ROSEMARY'S BABY meets SKELETON KEY

This sizzle reel below is a visual reference to highlight the film's mood, tone, and style...    

LOGLINE : A young couple is lured into a swanky high-rise apartment building where other young tenants vanish without a trace. Paranoid by nature and under heavy stress from her job, MAGGIE suspects that her influential neighbors are in on an intricate conspiracy to end the world as we know it.

SYNOPSIS : In the near future, devastating financial crisis, Islamic terrorism, racial tension, and riots bring the western countries into chaos.  The speed and severity of these events catch the world off guard, provoking massive depression and paranoia.

The movie starts when MAGGIE and her husband ERIC, relocated from sunny L.A. to freezing Montreal, move into an upscale apartment building that seems like a safe haven in this increasingly dangerous world. Initially, Maggie suspects that things aren’t as they seem at Westmount Towers. But, her 8-week assignment and growing conjugal problems keep her distracted until its too late. As the deadline approaches and MAGGIE’s inner demons - paranoia and nightmares grow, she finds herself alone, fighting against a villain who wants to end the world as we know it.

This villain is presumably DR. MORRELL - an old neurologist in a young man’s body.

Noticing that people afflicted by Alzheimer’s are practically dead without their memories, DR. MORRELL concludes: “we are what our memory holds," and... transfers his hippocampus into his student’s brain. Emboldened by his medical breakthrough, he decides to make "our planet a better place” by replacing all young “delinquents” and “second-class” citizens with aging scientists and prominent world leaders. In need of political backup and financial support, he lures young people into an apartment building and uses their bodies as vessels for old aristocrats and influential politicians.

But, his plan is derailed when a delusional tenant tells MAGGIE that DR. MORRELL and his clients are behind the ongoing world crisis. MAGGIE, suspecting that her husband might have been replaced by a wealthy neighbor who “died” recently, starts to investigate. 

Unable to find any tangible proof, and conscious that this conspiracy theory can be the result of her growing mental instability, MAGGIE can’t decide what to do, or whom to trust as her life spirals out of control…

In the suspenseful, action-packed and plot-twisted ending, the audience is left wondering what exactly MAGGIE is fighting: DR. MORRELL's conspiracy or her own growing insanity?

​Two Montreal based production companies (Franky Films and Parce Que Films) asked to option the screenplay and a third one (Go Films) wants to co-produce it - if a production company from Hollywood would agree to shoot it in Montreal.​​

Besides receiving RECOMMEND status, 8 WEEKS OF WINTER's early draft was a finalist in a couple of screenplay competitions and was praised by many industry representatives.  

REEL WRITERS SCREENPLAY COMPETITION  (Then called: Evicted Without Notice)

HOLLYWOOD SCREENPLAY COMPETITION (Sci-Fi category) (Then called: Another Chance)