A Psychological Thriller / Sci-Fi

LOGLINE : Relocated from sunny L.A. to freezing Montreal, a young risk assessment agent (MAGGIE) and her gambling-addicted husband (ERIC) are lured into a swanky high-rise apartment building where other young tenants vanish without a trace.

Paranoid by nature and under heavy stress from her job, MAGGIE suspects that her influential neighbors are in on an intricate conspiracy to end the world as we know it.


SYNOPSIS : In the near future, a slew of growing political tensions, devastating financial collapse, and worsening environmental conditions bring western countries to their knees.

The speed and severity of these events catch the world off guard, provoking massive depression and paranoia.

The movie starts when a young risk assessment agent (MAGGIE) and her gambling-addicted husband (ERIC) relocate from sunny L.A. to freezing Montreal as a result of her promotion.

They are offered a too-good-to-be-true lease on an upscale apartment in a swanky skyscraper that stands as a safe haven in this increasingly dangerous world.

From the start, MAGGIE suspects that things aren’t as they seem at Westmount Towers; an impatient realtor, an unpleasant manager... even their polite elderly neighbors (MR. AND MRS. ROMANOFF) seem suspicious to her...

However, between her eight-week assignment at work and growing marital concerns with ERIC, MAGGIE cannot afford to be distracted.


One stormy evening, a mysterious tenant (ALAIN) tells MAGGIE the unbelievable story of an evil doctor who wants to change the world as we know it.

This man is DR. MORRELL, a brilliant neurologist who, toward the end of his life, realises that “we are what our memory holds," and... transfers his hippocampus into his student’s brain (DR. GRAVEL).

Emboldened by his medical breakthrough, the doctor decides to make "our planet a better place” by replacing all young “delinquents” and “second-class” citizens with aging scientists and prominent world leaders.

In need of political backup and financial support, he lures young people into an apartment building and uses their bodies as vessels for old aristocrats and influential politicians...

But, that is not all.

ALAIN also tells MAGGIE that the recently deceased MR. ROMANOFF may already reside in ERIC’s body.

And his wife, MRS. ROMANOFF, impatiently awaits her “transfer” into MAGGIE!

Obviously, MAGGIE does not believe this.

BERNARD (the building’s head of security) confirms that ALAIN is a pathological liar who draws attractive young women into his apartment by fabricating different conspiracy theories...

However, as the deadline approaches and MAGGIE’s inner demons - paranoia and nightmares - amplify, she starts to investigate.

She questions ERIC, but... Unable to find tangible proof, MAGGIE can’t decide what to do or whom to trust as her life spirals out of control.

 In the suspenseful, action-packed, and plot-twisted ending, only one (out of ten characters) will survive...

And, the audience is left to figure out who is the survivor: MAGGIE - a victim of her own paranoia, or old MRS. ROMANOFF, in young MAGGIE's body.

This David vs Goliath story tackles some of our world's most challenging issues: mental illness, social inequality, generation gap, abuse of prescription drugs, death and... immortality.

“8 WEEKS OF WINTER” was a finalist in a couple of screenplay competitions before going into development.

REEL WRITERS SCREENPLAY COMPETITION  (Then called: Evicted Without Notice)

HOLLYWOOD SCREENPLAY COMPETITION (Sci-Fi category) (Then called: Another Chance)