A Sci-Fi / Action / Drama

NEW ATLANTIS is the sequel to SIDE EFFECT. It is the third part of the IMMORTALITY trilogy.

LOGLINE : To avoid imminent death, a young man flees a flourishing underwater colony and forms an alliance with another post-apocalyptic society, barely surviving New York’s underground facilities. 


To dodge the approaching apocalypse, Transhumanists build an underwater colony in the Atlantic Ocean. Armed with the key to immortality, they form a seemingly perfect crime-free society that flourishes for many decades.

Everything changes when young JOSEPH discovers that all residents of the colony under 22 years of age are used as body replacements for ageing Transhumanists.

Fleeing an imminent "memory snatching," JOSEPH escapes to the surface - deemed uninhabitable until now – and discovers another post-apocalyptic society, struggling to survive New York’s underground facilities.

The war between humans and Transhumanists erupts, leading to an unexpected end for both sides… 


As humans, we all relate to two common problems – our vulnerable planet and our imminent death. We've come a long way from living in caves to walking on the moon, but… what is the next step in our evolution?

What does it mean to be human in the 22nd century?

What will our planet look like at that time?

How far will our knowledge, science, and technology go?

What happens when we become immortals?

What will society look like without death?

These are just a few questions/problems that NEW ATLANTIS poses to its audience.