A Sci-Fi / Action

SIDE EFFECT is the sequel to 8 WEEKS OF WINTER. The events take place in 2050. It's a futuristic Sci-Fi/Action/Drama.

LOGLINE : As "Dr. Morrell's Foundation for a Safe Society" flourishes in 2050, hardcore criminals are sentenced to death by "Memory Snatching". A retired Supreme Court Judge goes against the foundation's rules when he starts investigating into the past of the criminal whose body he resides in (Mr. Lionheart). The further he investigates, the further he involves himself in the dangerous world Mr. Lionheart was living. And, the more he questions himself; who am I?

In 2050, the world is divided into three classes: The First Class - renowned scientists, and political leaders - rule the planet and have the privilege of transferring their memories into the bodies of young criminals sentenced to death. They are immortal since their memories are downloaded and saved on a monthly basis so in a case of accidental death all they lose is a months worth of memories.

The Middle Class consists of distinguished public servants - humanoid robots with artificial brains, but human memories. Most of them will do anything to rank up to First Class and experience the benefits of a human body again.

The lowest class consists of regular people struggling to reach higher ranks while trying not to get “Memory Snatched.” Some of them are protesting against the First Class, accusing them of unlawfully “Memory Snatching” innocent people.

Gordon Fisch, an honorable, octogenarian Supreme Court Judge goes against the Foundation's rules when he starts investigating into the former life of the criminal (Mike Lionheart) whose body he resides in. Turns out, Mike, athletic and ill-tempered, had left his family when his son, Jason, was abducted and “Memory Snatched”. In search of Jason, Mike had turned into the ruthless leader of a terrorist group waging war against the First Class. He was very close to finding his son when he got caught and sentenced to death by "Memory Snatching."

Despite many warnings from the Foundation, Gordon meets Mike’s wife and daughter (Julia) and he grows to love them.  Unhappy about how the people in power manipulated him and abused his rulings, he continues Mike’s legacy; he wages a war against his own class and brings "his" son Jason back.

In the end, Gordon can't tell how much of him is left in Mike's body. Is he an honorable judge or this bloodthirsty killing machine?  

For small Julia and Jason, he’s the daddy they’ve been missing for so long...